Risks & Hazard Assessments

Before you begin to formulate a plan you must first know what hazards may threaten your school district. This information is gathered and assessed through a risk assessment.

Risk assessments are conducted on the basis of identifying and evaluating hazards according to relative likelihood and impact, and prioritized according to overall severity.

Risk & HAzard Assessment

In addition to examining

  • Natural risk and hazards
  • Man-made risk and hazards
  • Technological risks and hazards
  • Terrorism risks

Our systematic risk and hazard assessment procedure also includes scrutinizing:

  • District policies related to threat assessments, bullying programs, etc.
  • Existing emergency response procedures
  • Data collection, retention and updating procedures
  • Communications processes and systems
  • Level of community collaboration with external agencies and parents
  • ICS applications
  • Staff Skill Inventory
  • Staff training
  • Societal trends
  • Crime patterns
  • Incident statistics
  • Compliance reporting
  • Resource requirements, availability and tracking
  • Occupational Health and Safety practices
  • Risk Management programs
  • Emergency Response Plan testing procedures and schedules
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery initiatives

Using this approach, we are able to establish your risk profile.

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