School Emergency & Safety Plan Audits

A thorough, systematic audit of your school safety program is the most conclusive way to identify gaps that could be undermining the effectiveness of your school’s emergency preparedness.

Completeness, conformity and compliance are the key components Hour-Zero looks for when assessing whether a school's emergency program can stand the test of a potential crisis.

Our auditing team has expert credentials and a wealth of experience in analyzing school emergency programs.

In auditing your plan, we:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your program
  • Identify any process or program gaps
  • Address plan maintenance
  • Offer viable recommendations to address identified issues

Our auditing tool adheres to recognized auditing practices and aligns to industry standards, legislative requirements and recognized best practices for school emergency preparedness.

Hour-Zero's auditing tool is designed specifically for assessing K-12 emergency programs. This ensures it addresses issues relevant to schools and covers all phases of emergency management – mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery – are examined.

Our audits include six major components:

  • Policy, procedures and protocol review
  • Communications capabilities evaluation
  • Facility/site assessment
  • Stakeholder interviews/surveys
  • Drill/exercise observations
  • The report

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