The single most important thing your emergency plan must do is protect your students and staff from injury or death.

Classroom Resources

Your emergency plan must enable staff and students to take appropriate action.

Hour-Zero helps accomplish that by providing dynamic resources to meet the specific needs of teachers and students.

Introducing our classroom series

For Teachers

As a teacher, you play a vital part in your school emergency plan and may, in fact, be tasked with multiple roles. We provide you with the resources to know what to do in an emergency and how to keep you and your students safe.

First and foremost, you are charged with the care of the students entrusted to you.

It is expected you will have the ability and confidence to carry out every emergency protocol, and to instruct and lead your students in accordance.

Hour-Zero supports you in your role by providing:

  • Classroom protocols summaries
  • Quick reference guides
  • Grab and go lesson plans
  • Classroom kit guidelines
  • Online training
  • Tips to make the most of each drill
  • The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella teaching materials

You may also be assigned a lead role on your School Emergency Response Team (SERT), taking on such tasks as leading the Student Care Team, heading up the Parent-Child Reunification process or assisting with crisis intervention activities. The Hour-Zero program provides the resources you need to attend to your task including job summary cards, detailed checklists, reference materials and online training to ensure you are properly prepared.

Explore the available Hour-Zero resources.

The Adventures of Andy and EllaFor Students

The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella actively engages students in their school’s emergency program.

Spokestudents Andy and Ella help their classmates understand what to do should an emergency strike their school.

The program includes:

  • Activity workbooks by award-winning artist Shannon Keegan and emerging author Emily Hector
  • Original song, Safety in School, by singer/songwriter Braden Gates and lyricist Val Brandt
  • Multimedia materials
  • Posters
  • Activities and games
  • Achievement badges
  • Tips for parents

The Andy and Ella series is presented in grade-appropriate groupings, which ensures students of every age will identify with materials, and teachers can appreciate lesson plans that link to curriculum.

The program extends to include practical tips that students can use with their friends and families in non-school settings. Parents will be reassured to know emergency preparedness is taken seriously at their child's school.

Explore The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella