Communications is the cornerstone of trust.

Crisis Communications

To build a culture of preparedness you must lay that cornerstone long before an emergency occurs.

Hour-Zero helps clients create and implement well-defined crisis communications plans that result in effective actions and positive outcomes.

Crisis Communication MaterialsIntegral Part of Your Emergency Program

Our crisis communications plans promote standardized, efficient and coordinated communications and clearly define responsibilities for those charged with executing the plans. Stakeholders are appropriately informed and kept apprised of emergency events through:

  • well-defined step-by-step processes
  • effective media relations strategies
  • crisis notification networks
  • incorporation of social media tactics
  • policies for handling privacy issues
  • sole source practices
  • solid activation processes
  • interoperability and redundancy
  • technology solutions

Crisis Communications Resource Library

We provide communications plans that deal with all aspects of crisis communications ranging from preparing for possible crises to dealing with the aftermath of a severe event. Hour-Zero has the most expansive school crisis communications resource library available on the market.

400+ pre-formatted electronic documents that address possible incidents and ensure you have ready-to-go materials that meet today’s instant information demands.

Crisis Communications Resource Library includes:

  • Media releases
  • Letters to parents
  • Staff memos/emails
  • Facebook posting templates
  • Twitter appropriate messages
  • Public service announcements
  • Newsletter articles
  • Classroom discussion guides
  • Letters for the community
  • Board information briefings
  • Message Maps
  • Receptionist scripts
  • Staff agendas

    … and much more

Our well-known communications experts can help you resolve the toughest communications challenges.

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