Money is tight and time is tighter.

DIY Training

Don't waste value resources reinventing the wheel.

When it comes to school districts, there is no shortage of excellent educators. What there is a shortage of is money and time, and ... in the case of emergency preparedness sometimes expertise.

Training aligned with the values and needs of your school is vital to the success of your emergency program.

We have the expertise, you have the educators. It only makes sense to bring those two things together.

Through HZ Online, Hour-Zero provides you with the expert materials you need for conducting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) training with in-house resources. We create the materials and you deliver them. It's that simple.

Huge benefits for your schools

  • Consistent materials for repeatable sessions
  • Supports training needs
  • Reduces work-load
  • Puts you in control of when, where and who

Perfect resource to complement your emergency plan.

Our professionally prepared DIY School Emergency Training Packs has everything a trainer needs:

  • Session plans
  • Instructor Guide with talking points and school examples
  • Interactive and engaging training activities
  • Assessment Tools
  • Powerpoint and/or Flash presentations
  • Workshop checklist

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