Here be dragons.

– Phrase used by early cartographers to mark unexplored territories.

Emergency Mapping

Today, maps are used as a universal medium to communicate safe spaces, hazards and in the deployment of tactical operation.

Accurate emergency maps are an invaluable component of a school’s emergency plan. They provide a visual representation of your risk and hazard assessment, reflect your preparedness strategies and aid in response.

Emergency mapping involves a lot more than just documenting fire evacuation routes – it considers what actions and information are needed during any type of incident, both inside and outside a building, and during all phases of an emergency.

Maps help students and staff stay safe and execute emergency protocols during evacuation, lock-down and shelter-in-place events. Maps are also a vital asset to emergency personnel, as they provide critical information that assist police, fire and EMTs in expediting life-saving responses.

Hour-Zero takes your risk and hazard assessments, your protocols and your planning documents to create maps that integrate with your overall emergency program.

Maps serve as a means to

  • Chart evacuation routes
  • Identify suitable/unsuitable shelter and lock-down locations
  • Document infrastructure details
  • Record utility information
  • Highlight hazardous materials
  • Provide spatial and data intelligence for first responders
  • Establish staging areas
  • Develop critical incident plans and tactics
  • Present a common operating picture

Through the use of HZ mapTool, authorized users can easily manage and update emergency maps, capture details with digital photographs and video, and enhance incident management capabilities for the school, the district and first responders.

Check out HZ mapTool to see all its features.