Teamwork is essential in emergency response.

First Responder Access

First responders are a critical part of your team.

Ensuring all members of your team are operating from the same play book strengthens your emergency plan and dramatically improves the effectiveness of your response. That means providing responders with the information they need.

HZ mapTool

HZ Online provides first responders with current and accurate data.

Having the information you need, when you need it.

Easy access to the right information results in better situational awareness and better decision making. With HZ Online first responders can instantly access crucial information through any web-enabled device – even before they arrive on site.

Information responders need to act fast:

  • Critical data
  • Key contact information
  • Emergency maps
  • Floor plans
  • Staging areas
  • Utility shutoffs
  • Site specific details
  • Emergency procedures
  • Photos
  • Critical assets
  • IP cameras

Strengthen your partnership by also ensuring responders have access to planning and training tools.

Enhance collaboration with responders through HZ Online with access to:

  • Pre-incident Plans
  • School drills and training schedules
  • Access to the same online training modules that school staff take
  • Tabletop exercises
  • After Action Reports
  • Class and event schedules
  • School specific emergency documents
  • District emergency documents

Responders can make better split-second decisions by having current and accurate data. Help them save the lives of students and staff, and keep responders safe by giving them access to critical information through HZ Online.

HZ Online is a proven system and is consistent with all NIMS criteria (NIMS STEP Evaluation).