The outcomes of an emergency are influenced by a school’s level of preparedness.

Incident Command System

Incident Command SystemBy understanding and applying the Incident Command System a school greatly enhances its level of readiness.

The Incident Command System originated some 40 years ago. Initially created for and by firefighters, the system has evolved to become the standard for emergency management in North America – for all agencies, organizations and businesses. Schools are well-served by it.

The Incident Command System is part of Hour-Zero’s framework. We apply its tenets in all aspects our program, which enables schools to work seamlessly with emergency responders and agencies.

With Hour-Zero you can be sure of:

  • Flexible ICS org chart suited to school roles and responsibilities
  • Useful ICS job aids for school settings
  • Pertinent ICS facility designations for school venues
  • Relevant ICS planning documents and forms
  • Incorporation of ICS into District EOC operations
  • Appropriate ICS training for school and district use
  • Application of ICS principles to school-based incidents

In any emergency, people are your number one resource.

Hour-Zero helps you effectively train, coordinate and manage your resource through the effective of ICS.

Hour-Zero takes ICS and makes it realistic and functional for schools.

Using HZ Online it is easy to:

  • Assign staff to key ICS roles, along with back up designations
  • Generate ICS org charts with contact information
  • Align staff training to roles and responsibilities
  • Utilize ICS in all aspects of your emergency program
  • Access ICS job aids and forms created specifically for schools
  • Adjust ICS assignments in real time
  • Educate all staff on how ICS applies to your emergency plan
  • Make ICS assignments visible to first responders
  • Apply district-wide changes with one just click

Get in touch with us to see how HZ Online can make ICS work effectively and effortlessly at your school.

Hour-Zero’s application of ICS is consistent and compliant with the requirements and teachings of FEMA and ICS Canada.