Accurate information is critical to informed decision making.

HZ mapTool

Detailed maps provide staff, students and first responders with that information.

HZ mapTool is an easy-to-use mapping tool that allows users to create, view, share, and print your emergency maps, aerial photos and floor plans. Any authorized user can view high-quality interactive maps with just an internet connection.

HZ mapTool

With HZ maptool you can improve situational awareness for emergency personnel before first responders even arrive at the scene.

With HZ mapTool, you can:

  • Create, view, navigate, share and print data-rich maps and floorplans
  • Build custom maps for evacuation protocols such as evacuation, lock-down, shelter-in-place, etc.
  • Document utility shut-off valves, roof access, emergency equipment storage, hazardous materials, camera locations, etc.
  • Plot evacuation routes
  • Designate appropriate areas for lock-downs and shelter-in-place
  • Select data layers to generate the right combination of information
  • Assign staging areas
  • Link IP cameras
  • Inventory fire protection systems
  • Associate digital imagery (including 360°photos), videos and documents to relevant points
  • Mark up maps using the symbol library or with free form drawing tools
  • Retain data when replacing base images
  • Share critical information with first responders in a secure environment
  • Easily package pre-authored maps for viewing on any platform or device

HZ mapTool’s intuitive interface makes map making quick and easy.

No complicated CADs or convoluted processes, just simple straight forward steps make it possible for even the most novice user to generate good maps.

Get instant access to HZ mapTool via the web. No need for software, infrastructure or additional hardware. It’s all part of HZ Online.