E-learning puts you in control of your training.

Online Training

The when, where and who is up to you.

Emergency preparedness requires the involvement of every individual in your organization. Ensuring everyone – from the person who never misses a meeting to the part time temp that arrived in April – receives training on your emergency plan is a BIG challenge. Our online training has you covered and in control in a way that classroom or DVDs/video learning can’t.

Focused. Engaging. Mobile device friendly.

Our use of solid instructional design methodologies and innovative technologies provide rich learning experiences.

Hour-Zero's online learning library has training to support all levels of learning on a complete range of topics to complement your emergency plan.

Courses include:

  • Take Two Tutorials: Shorter on-demand courses. Never longer than 10 minutes.
  • Certificated Courses: ICS/NIMS - comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Position specific modules: Understand your role on your emergency team.
  • Protocol specific modules: Lock-Downs, Shelter-in-Place, Drop-Cover-Hold, etc.
  • Incident specific modules: Lightning, Tornados, Earthquakes, Active Shooter, etc.
  • Process-driven modules: Conducting a Student Release, Effective Drills, etc.
  • Quizzes, games and activities.

Hour-Zero offers the largest library of online courses and complementary resources available in the marketplace for K-12 school emergency preparedness.

Match your training with your emergency preparedness goals.

With more than 50 innovative courses already available, staff have access to the training they need.


  • Specifically designed for K-12 needs
  • Unlimited access for all staff
  • 24-7 availability to quality courses
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Authored by leading subject matter experts
  • Perfect complement to face-to-face training
  • Consistency in content
  • Accountability and tracking
  • Cost-savings – Per site Licence not per staff
  • New courses added regularly, keeping you up to date on emerging issues

See how Hour-Zero's blended learning options can provide the ideal training solution to meet your needs.