About Us

It is our privilege to work with clients who are diligently committed to the safety of the children in their care.

Our Story

Since our beginnings in 1999, we have dedicated ourselves to helping K-12 schools deal with some of the most difficult situations a school may ever face.

We strive to understand every aspect of school culture and respect its unique needs. We recognize the challenges of providing quality education in a safe and caring environment, while facing budget and time constraints, as well as the importance of nurturing relationships with community partners, including parents and first responders.

The company started as a consulting practice that specialized in school emergency plans and associated training. The numerous challenges of ensuring school plans could be easily managed, kept current - including training staff and students, and accessible to all school community users compelled us to develop Hour-Zero Online and create a school emergency program that is unprecedented in its quality and scope.

Today, Hour-Zero is used by more than 200,000 teachers, school and district administrators, support staff and first responders. Hour-Zero caters to clients that range in size from small private schools to large urban districts, located across the USA and Canada.

In 2009, Hour-Zero was selected as one of the Canada's ten most innovative small businesses through the Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award.

In 2010, Hour-Zero participated in the Department of Homeland Security NIMS STEP Evaluation. The evaluators concluded “HZ Online is consistent with all NIMS criteria.” and stated, “HZ Online is intuitive and can enhance one's ability to do his/her job. The product is a robust preparedness tool that should enhance any school's emergency management system.”

Hour-Zero continues to grow both our client base and our suite of offerings to schools. Regardless of what role you have in your school community, we at Hour-Zero will give you the time and attention you need to help ensure that from classroom to board room you are covered.

Hour-Zero is a privately held company and is incorporated in the USA and Canada.