Build and manage your school emergency program with ease.

HZ Program Packages

Enhance your existing program or build a program from scratch. The power is all in your hands.

HZ Risk Manager

For schools that want to ease into an expert emergency management system or who just need a working system to use with their existing plan.

Access is limited to one user per site.

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HZ Core

Get all the critical functionality needed for a compliant emergency plan. Then pick and purchase any additional modules you need to complete your program.

It's totally flexible to meet your current and future needs.

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HZ Premium

Everything offered in HZ Core plus all the modules. Modules include expertly developed subject matter materials, associated on-line training, tabletop exercises, trainer manuals, quick reference guides, etc.

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Features HZ Risk Manager
HZ Core
HZ Premium
Users One staff per site Unlimited
district staff
district staff
ICS and EOC Assignments *
ICS Roles, Field Guides and Online Training
HZ Maptool
Built-In Program Management Tools
First Responders Information and Access
First Responder Site Assignments
Compliance Reporting
Annual Requirements and Task Assignment
Risk and Hazard Assessment Tool
EOC Roles, Field Guides and Online Training
Staff Emergency Contact Information
Staff Skill Inventory
Drill – Training Schedules and Evaluations
Staff Buddy Assignments
Evacuation Centers and Contacts
Emergency Forms * ICS/EOC only
Auto Reminders for Pending Tasks
Equipment and Supplies Lists * *
Key Contact Data
Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella * *
Response Protocols Module & Online Training * *
Crisis Communications Plan * *
EOC Plan and Guidelines * *
Tabletop Exercises and Drills Module * *
Emergency Support Functions Module * *
Classroom Protocol Summary Card * *
Quick Reference Guides * *
Crisis Intervention Module & Online Training * *
Workplace Violence Module & Online Training * *
Board of Trustees Module * *
* Available at an additional fee. Certain conditions apply to these offerings.