The time is hour zero. The place is your school. Do you know what to do?

For Students

Empower your students to take an active role in their own safety.

Meet Andy and EllaMeet Andy and Ella, the Hour-Zero spokestudents who can help you simplify and further strengthen your school emergency program for students.

The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella series addresses the needs and concerns of students through the eyes of Andy and Ella at various stages of their lives – kindergarten through Grade 12.

The specially created materials assist teachers tackle the challenging topic of school safety and engage students through grade appropriate activities and lessons.

Resources for StudentsYou will be set with:

  • Beautifully illustrated, grade-appropriate books that guide students through various emergencies (e.g. Lock-down, fire, earthquake, violent weather)
  • Original easy-to-learn songs (with digital recordings and sheet music) to musically reinforce school emergency procedures). Play a sample.
  • Teacher resource guides
  • Grab and go lesson plans
  • Lesson plan visual aids
  • Student challenge games
  • E-learning modules with quizzes
  • Activity ideas and worksheets – including such things as story starters, word problems, math activities, problem solving, social responsibility, understanding the weather, etc.
  • Suggested readings – poetry, books and short stories
  • Digital badges
  • Information for parents regarding your school emergency plan

Through the series Ella and her brother Andy, together with their schoolmates, learn more about emergency preparedness and participate in activities that will keep enhance their safety at school and beyond.

The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella K-6 resources are now available.

Click here to play the Halloween Safety Game.

Andy and Ella are the perfect emergency ambassadors to help promote a culture of preparedness at your school.