When an emergency happens, teachers are called upon to be leaders for their students and vital members of their school emergency response team.

For Teachers

Hour-Zero provides teachers with resources and training to succeed in their roles.

Teachers have a deep commitment to their students, as is evident in the countless number of selfless acts they undertake everyday.

Without question, part of this commitment involves having the ability, confidence and trust to deal with emergency situations.

Hour-Zero helps teachers honour this commitment by providing practical and easy-to-use tools for use in your classroom and as part of your school emergency response team.

Confidence in Your Classroom

Knowing what to do at the time of an emergency starts with understanding the basic components of your plan.

With Hour-Zero you can be confident you will be able to exercise independent good judgement with the aid of:

  • Classroom Protocol Cards – to-the-point instructions on how to execute an emergency protocol
  • Quick Reference Guides – simplified instructions on what to do when facing particular incidents
  • Classroom Kits/Folders – what to keep in your classroom
  • Classroom Discussion Tip Sheets – Tips for leading class discussions after an incident
  • Protocol Specific On-line Modules – short tutorials on how to executing a protocol; including "what ifs"
  • Crisis Intervention Strategies – post event tactics
  • The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella series

Teacher ResourcesTrust in the Team

A large part of being a member of your school's emergency response team is about trust - trust in yourself, trust in your team, and trust in your Plan.

Hour-Zero helps you nurture that trust, by supporting you with resources to assist you and your team understand your roles and practice your Plan together, including:

  • Position Start-Up Cards
  • Job Descriptions Checklists
  • Team Tabletop Exercises
  • On-line learning Modules

Hour-Zero offers teachers the resources they need to leverage their emergency plans in the classroom.