Emergency kits are an essential part of a school's plan.

Equipment and Supplies

Reduce your costs and time with equipment and supplies assistance from Hour-Zero.

Hour-Zero Emergency KitsThe equipment and supplies can include everything from whistles to water, batteries to bullhorns, and candles to communications systems.

Searching out and evaluating the array of products and providers can be a timely, and sometimes disappointing, exercise.

Hour-Zero assists in assessing equipment and supply needs, and then helps you get those supplies – whether though procuring the equipment on behalf of our clients, connecting them with the right supplier or providing speciality items like our custom Hour-Zero Student Release Kit and school emergency signage.

Over the past decade, we have sorted through, weeded out and tested products to ensure they are suitable for school use and can fit their tight budgets.

Contact Hour-Zero to see how we can assist you in creating Incident Command Post Kits, securing appropriate earthquake supplies or putting you in touch with the best suppliers.

It's all a part of our philosophy to make managing your emergency program simple and easy.