Creating a comprehensive emergency program may seem to be an overwhelming task.

Support Modules

Break it down into its component parts, address them in a logical manner and you will end up with a working plan.

Having a comprehensive emergency program demands thinking beyond the basics; looking at what additional components you need to always be ready to respond.

Your emergency plan has to cover everything you need to deal with something you have yet to even imagine.

At Hour-Zero, we provide the support modules you require for a complete solution. Our support modules provide auxiliary resources that complement your core program and are essential to ensuring you are covered from classroom to boardroom.

Our multidisciplinary approach in developing these support modules takes into consideration how school districts function, the need for expert guidance on specific matters such as pandemic preparedness, food safety, etc., and the obligation to heighten schools level of preparedness.

Hour-Zero Support Modules

The modules include expertly developed subject matter materials, associated on-line training via HZ Online and other related resources.

Crisis Communications

A clearly defined communications plan that outlines appropriate strategies and includes over 400 prepared messages presented in electronic format for easy customization.

Emergency Support Function Plans

  • Transportation
  • Human Resources
  • Student Services
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities

Support Function Plans that address department specific issues associated with emergency response. The plans include pre - post incident tasks that need to be taken into consideration and executed by respective departments.

Emergency Operations Center

Organizational structure and operating procedures for a District-operated Emergency Operations Center.

Tabletop Exercises and Drills

Library of 40+ well-designed district and school tabletop exercises and drills. Includes Novice, Intermediate and Advanced level tabletops for potential incidents, with Facilitator Guides, Participant Briefs, supporting audio-visual aids and evaluation tools.

Functional and Incident-specific Protocols

Functional protocols and incident-specific protocols for responding to emergency incidents, threats and hazards.

Crisis Intervention

Guidelines, resources and materials to help schools address the needs of students, staff, and families following a crisis event.

Board of Trustees Governance and Roles

Resources and guidelines to help school trustees better understand their role in the District’s emergency plan and what to look for in a Plan.

Food Safety

Resources for implementing a practical food safety program at schools.

Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Plan with all the tools to manage operations, train staff and communicate with stakeholders, including the risk management activities, policies, communication documents, and a Business Continuity Plan.

The Hour-Zero Adventures of Andy and Ella

Classroom resources for K-12 teachers to instruct students on their school emergency program and how to execute emergency protocols.

Workplace Violence

Policies, procedures and practical tips for implementing a program to address workplace violence.

Incident Command System

Incident Command System resources, training, roles and responsibilities, and field guides designed specifically for K-12 school use. ICS certificated courses and training also provided as part of this module.

CBRN Hazards (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)

Biohazard guidelines and resources to address CBRN related incidents.

Look to Hour-Zero to help you create a complete program.