Stimulating exercises with exceptional options – Hour-Zero delivers tabletop exercises that have both.

Tabletop Exercises

Learn in a safe environment without fear of making tragic mistakes.

Emergencies require rapid decision making in response to ever changing real time events. Finding a way to ready staff to deal with these unfolding events can be a genuine challenge.

No two schools or districts have exactly the same needs. So, Hour-Zero provides a wide variety of tabletop exercise options. We develop and facilitate exercises, or provide one that you can conduct on your own.

Pick the best option for your school and budget by choosing:

  • A well-plotted exercise from our extensive TTX library or,
  • Have us custom develop and facilitate an exercise to test specific procedures

Our TTX Library (available through HZ Online) includes 40+ Tabletop Exercises that:

  • Cover realistic school incidents
  • From earthquake to child abduction to active shooters. Some favorite HZ exercises include – Funnel Frenzy, Roving Rage, Schoolyard Scuffle, Shake, Rattle and Recover.
  • Test and validate actions of individual school teams, multiple teams, district team (EOC) or a combo of all three
  • Range in scope from short novice exercises (15 min) that are perfect for staff meetings to progressively more difficult day-long exercises
  • Clarify individual roles and responsibilities
  • Identify weaknesses and resource gaps
  • Enhance communications strategies
  • Improve organizational coordination
  • Get you working as a team!

Tabletop exercises are one of the most effective tools for building a strong emergency team.

HZ TTX packages include:

  • Facilitator Guides – with Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) and expected outcomes
  • Visual aids to guide the exercise
  • Player Handbooks filled with questions to channel discussions
  • Exercise Evaluator Checklists
  • After Action Forms

Talk to us about our Tabletop Exercise options.