Emergency plans need to be living documents.

Train-the-Trainer Program

Building in-house expertise makes your program come alive.

Hour-Zero’s Train-the-Trainer Program helps reduce costs and develops in-house training expertise.

Our master trainers deliver dynamic, on-your-feet training that provides participants with the knowledge, techniques and materials they need to successfully deliver district and school-level emergency training.

We provide you with the knowledge and skills that help you accomplish your schools’ emergency preparedness goals.

Training Units include:

  • ICS 100/200 Certification
  • Applying ICS to K-12 schools
  • NIMS 700/800 Certification (required for USA clients)
  • Developing and executing emergency drills and exercises
  • Mastering core content of your emergency plan
  • Preparing School Emergency Response Teams
  • HZ Online web-application training
  • Conducting risk and hazard assessments
  • Addressing mitigation strategies
  • Documentation and reporting

After completing the program, trainers can access helpful support materials through HZ Online:

  • Presentations
  • Trainer manuals
  • Participant workbooks
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Tabletop exercises
  • HZ Online user guides

Refresh and Enhance Your Skills

Hour-Zero encourages trainers to keep current through follow-up training and coaching delivered via:

  • User-group conferences and workshops
  • Video-conferencing and webinars and
  • Access to Hour-Zero experts
  • preparED (formerly Hour-Zero Boot Camp)

Contact us to find out more about our Train-the-Trainer program.