The essence of training is to allow error without consequence.

– Orson Scott Card

Training and Workshops

Engaging learning experiences that connect to your real world.

Let's face it educating educators can be a rough gig. That's why Hour-Zero works extra hard to ensure our training programs are engaging learning experiences.

Your entire team will obtain the knowledge needed to effectively and confidently execute their emergency plan.

Our extensive training program provides all your stakeholders with a solid understanding of what to do should an emergency strike.

Our syllabus has courses for teachers, administrators; support staff; senior executive, trustees, maintenance workers, bus drivers, first responders and parents – from classroom to board room we have you covered.

Our curriculum offers courses that support informed decision making, effective plan implementation, and sustained learning after initial deployment.

Hour-Zero training includes:

  • Online training modules
  • Training manuals
  • Participant guides
  • Presentation materials
  • Quizzes
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Participant centered activities
  • Learning games
  • Staff meeting training vignettes
  • Classroom training aids

A Mix of Online Courseware and Offline Instructor Led Training

Create a training program that matches your needs by choosing from our training delivery options – live or online:

Discover how Hour-Zero can help you build an effective training program with lasting impact.