Emergency plans are living documents.

Web-Based Plan

Web-based technology dramatically improves the quality and currency of emergency plans.

Hour-Zero Online (HZ Online) is a web-based emergency management application, designed specifically for K-12 schools.

HZ Online is unique in that it combines all the components required for a comprehensive emergency program in a way that addresses the needs of each of your stakeholders.

The easy-to-use application:

  • Keeps your plan current with auto updates
  • Gives staff permission-based access to the information they need
  • Provides the content needed to create standards-based1 plans
  • Incorporates best practices
  • Covers all phases of emergency management
  • Addresses legislative requirements
  • Makes collaboration with first responders seamless

A Complete Solution for Managing Your Emergency Program

HZ Online offers schools a user-friendly and flexible solution that is powerful enough to meet the rigorous demands of first responders.


  • Always current and compliant with auto reminders
  • Track performance and training
  • First responder access
  • Intuitive search capabilities
  • Better reports
  • Customizable checklists
  • Online training for all staff – mobile device friendly
  • Built-in GIS emergency mapping capabilities
  • Simple to maintain
  • Time saving
  • Scalable for any size school, district, region, state/province
  • Easy collaboration
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Manage all aspects of your plan with compliance reporting
  • Content-rich library of resources and best practices
  • Site-specific plan documentation
  • Secure access
  • Cost effective – time and dollars

HZ Online was developed by individuals who have worked for school districts and understand the challenges of creating and maintaining an emergency program that is practical, effective and affordable for K-12 schools.

For an online demo call 1-866-926-0999 or email info@hour-zero.com.

1 – Standards include, but are not limited to: ICS, NFPA 1600, CSA Z1600, NIMS, SEMS, FEMA Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101, Emergency Management Accreditation Program.